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Floor plan package S

Floor plan package S

Save up to over € 120 by purchasing a package.


Package S

10 x 2D floor plan

Furniture including kitchen and bathroom

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Room names

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  • Information

    Please note that our work depends on the quality of your data and the options booked can also be found in the files. If you do not provide any information for the booked options, we will process it based on experience.

    Example: If you want the room name in your floor plans, we need a label for the rooms.

  • Sie haben generell keine Grundrisse?

    Gerne vermessen wir Ihre Immobilie und erstellen mit diesen Daten die Grundrisse. 

    Für eine Vermessung schreiben Sie uns einfach Ihr Anliegen an

    119.99 € pro Ebene zzgl. Entfernungspauschale (siehe §16 AGB)

  • Process of creating the floor plan

    Do you have any questions about the order process?

    Get your answers here.

VAT Included
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