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Drone shots

Drone shots

Our high-resolution drone gives you pictures that you cannot take on your own without expensive equipment. Show the buyers your property from different perspectives and enable them to get a meaningful overall impression of the property and the property.


3 packages are available:


S - 12 pictures from one perspective

M - 20 pictures from two perspectives

L - 30 pictures from four perspectives

XL - 360 ° video from two different heights including 10 pictures


  • Note

    Please note that the recordings may only be made on your own property. If you do not have permission from the neighboring properties, they must be made unrecognizable. The drone recordings presuppose that there are no no-fly zones.

    Information about the process of taking pictures.

  • Entfernungspauschale

    Bitte beachten Sie, bei weiteren Entfernungen folgende Zuschläge:

    (Entfernungen gemessen ab unserer Geschäftsadresse.)

    bis 25 km                    --------

    25 km bis 50 km         24.99€

    50 km bis 100 km       49.99€

  • Distances over 100km?

    Send us your request to

PriceFrom €349.99
VAT Included
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